Your Contact Information

We ask for contact information in both the client area and your cpanel.

When you first login to your cpanel you are asked to supply a contact email address. This email address is needed for server notices regarding your disk useage. When you reach 85% of your disk useage the server that hosts your website will automatically send an email notifying you that you are near your disk limit. If you set individual disk quotas on your email or ftp accounts you will also receive notices when those accounts reach 85% of their disk useage. The server checks disk useage once per day.

The contact information in the client area is used for billing and support issues. You have the option of adding additional contacts and specifying a role for each contact — for example, billing but not support.

If you register a domain with Verve, you can update the contact information for that domain in the client area. Note that any changes made to the billing contact will not be reflected for the domain contact. If you need to change contact information for a domain it must be done under “My Domains” in the client area.

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