Can I renew a domain that’s registered with Tucows/OpenSRS if it is about to be deleted?

Unfortunately when a domain has been in expiry and not properly renewed for at least 40 days it is deleted from the Registrar’s database. After this point the Registry will hold the domain in the “Redemption Grace Period” for 30 days.

.COM and .NET domains will show this as Status: REDEMPTIONPERIOD .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and others will show this as Status: PENDING DELETE RESTORABLE

Please note that attempts were made to contact the Email addresses on the domain’s registration record. Having current, valid contact information is a requirement for all who register a domain name, as highlighted in the agreements when the domain was first registered. Renewal reminders and other important information are sent to these contacts, and having an invalid email address or aggressive SPAM filters in place will prevent delivery of these messages.

The Registry-imposed Redemption Grace Period lasts for 30 days, and it’s still possible to recover a domain in this state. However, it is more expensive, time consuming and complicated than if the domain was “renewed” normally during the first 40 days of expiration. You will need to contact to begin the redemption process.

Here is a summary of the drop timeline:

– Domain expires and begins 40 day Grace period where a standard renewal can be made.
– 40 days of grace pass, Registrar deletes the domain from their database and asks the Registry to do the same.
– Registry holds domain in 30 day Redemption Grace Period.
– Domain enters 5 day randomized deletion process, and redemption is no longer possible. This is PENDINGDELETE for COM/NET, and “PENDINGDELETE SCHEDULED FOR RELEASE” for others

In general the Registry will drop the domain between day 70 to 75 after the expiration date, however THERE IS NO METHOD TO DETERMINE EXACTLY WHICH DAY THE DOMAIN WILL DROP. The Registry randomizes the drop process over a 5 day period in order to provide equal opportunity for the general public to re-register the domain.

There are some circumstances where the domain will not enter the Redemption Grace Period:

  • A third party  expresses interest in the expired domain name via an online auctioning system, and when the Grace Period ends, the domain is sold to the highest bidder.  Domains that are auctioned off cannot be renewed or “redeemed”.
  • Tucows acquires the domain name for its private domain portfolio, and upon the Grace Period ending, the domain is not deleted.  Should the former domain name owner inquire about obtaining the domain name via their Domain Provider, the domain can be returned to them in a process similar to “redeeming” a domain.  Additional recovery and administrative fees may apply.

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