Huron Server

UPDATE 3: Response from the datacenter:

One of our top of rack switches which serves your cabinet had a failure tonight, upon diagnostic and implementing a fix, this is now back online. However, due to the unknown failure and limited log details, we are going to go ahead and replace this switch with a brand new unit immediately to prevent any further issues. This replacement will begin shortly, you will notice a brief interruption in your service again once this replacement begins and should be completed within 10min of that next outage.

UPDATE 2: The networking issue has been resolved and the huron server is accessible now.

UPDATE: The data center technicians are still working on the server. We do have the ability to move your website to a different server if the site is not very large. If you want to explore this option send an email to asking that your site be moved from the huron server to a different server.

The huron server is up but it’s not reachable. It looks like either a networking cable or the network card has died. We’re investigating.